Taylor Cox – Raymond James

Describe your relevant work history, awards, and accomplishments in 300 words or less.

Taylor began her career in Indianapolis, Indiana as a designer and WordPress developer at a public relations agency, where she worked with clients in multiple industries. Looking to expand her development knowledge into additional languages, Taylor moved to Tampa Bay to attend The Iron Yard (presently the Academy at Suncoast Developers Guild). Upon completion of the front-end engineering program, Taylor began her career with Raymond James as an Interactive Designer.

Taylor has spoken at MERGE Conference and presented at Meetups such as Suncoast.js and Suncoast Developers Guild Crash Courses. At the Hack Hospitality Hackathon presented by Tampa Bay Startup Week, Taylor used her skills as a designer and front-end developer on the overall winning team.

What do you love about the Tampa Bay area?

Once Taylor moved to Tampa Bay from the midwest, she immediately felt included in the tech community and had a variety of opportunities to contribute through multiple organizations such as Suncoast Developers Guild, Suncoast.js, and Girl Develop It. The amount of knowledge and expertise in Tampa Bay rivals that of Silicon Valley without the intimidation factor, so Taylor loved the ease of acclimation that came along with moving away from her long-time home in Indiana.

What are some of your favorite things to do around town when you aren’t working?

Contrary to popular belief, people do still play Pok√©mon GO, and Taylor happens to be one of those people walking around downtown St. Petersburg with her eyes glued to her phone. When she isn’t in “aspiring Pok√©master” mode, Taylor enjoys visiting some of Tampa Bay’s many craft breweries.

How do you give your time back in the community?

Presently within the tech community, Taylor is co-leader for the Girl Develop It Tampa Bay chapter, co-organizer for Suncoast Developers Guild Jr., a speaker for multiple meetups, and a track leader for Tampa Bay Startup Week. Within the Tampa Bay community as a whole, Taylor serves as the education advisor for Kappa Alpha Theta at the University of Tampa.

Tell us about the tech project that you are most proud of.

As part of a national brand awareness campaign for Raymond James, Taylor managed and implemented both the design and development of the front-end web assets, which included a website featuring an interactive quiz.

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