Luis Valdes – Cyber Florida

Describe your relevant work history, awards, and accomplishments in 300 words or less.

Luis is a technology professional with a focus on cybersecurity. He oversees the technology & cybersecurity needs for Cyber Florida to support the Center’s mission to make Florida a national leader in cybersecurity through education and workforce development; interdisciplinary research and community outreach. Luis has worked in various consultative and security roles throughout his career. In the past he has served as an incident responder, insider threat analyst, social engineer and a cyber intelligence analyst.

Luis also oversees cybersecurity course development for Cyber Florida, which includes the creation of cyber range exercises, workshops and specialized training for security roles. He oversaw the development and creation of the Proving Grounds for Cyber Florida. Proving Grounds is an entry level training program that teaches the basics of cybersecurity and provides an introduction to Capture the Flag (CTF) exercises.

What do you love about the Tampa Bay area?

Luis loves the fantastic weather the region has all year around, as well as the famous dining spots found across the Tampa Bay region.

What are some of your favorite things to do around town when you aren’t working?

Luis is a native to the Tampa Bay area and enjoys spending time fishing as well as enjoying the specialty restaurants in the surrounding area. He also enjoys being an entertainer as a magician and performing at various venues in the bay area.

How do you give your time back in the community?

Luis spends time mentoring students looking to enter the cybersecurity field, by providing career and education advice as well as learning opportunities.

Tell us about the tech project that you are most proud of.

As part of the Cyber Florida team, Luis oversaw and led the creation of the Florida CyberHub, a shared cybersecurity resource provided by Cyber Florida to promote cybersecurity research, education and job growth. You can learn more about the Florida CyberHub by visiting


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