Jason Mayor – Raymond James

Describe your relevant work history, awards, and accomplishments in 300 words or less.

I am the Senior Manager of IT Governance, Risk and Compliance in Cyber Security at Raymond James, and in I  current role, lead 3rd party risk management efforts to assess risk of existing and future partners and advise Raymond James leadership of risk mitigation and/or acceptance, while supporting business priorities to enable firm growth and success. My team of Information Security professionals consult with
Raymond James business units and partners to understand requirements, highlight applicable
regulations, policies, or standards, and ensure relationships are built on a secure and compliant
Previously, I served 5 years as an active duty Cyber Operations Officer in the United States Air Force leading men and women in network operations, network defense, and information assurance.
I received my Bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering Management from the United
States Air Force Academy and achieved a Master’s in Business Administration from Oklahoma
State University.

What do you love about the Tampa Bay area?

The weather from November to April, when you can walk outside in the morning in a t-shirt and shorts without worry. With friends located all around the country, I like to remind them with screenshots of the weather forecast showing 70s across the board. What I really like about South Tampa is that you don’t have to go very far to get everything you need… It’s a small community nestled in a growing city.

What are some of your favorite things to do around town when you aren’t working?

My wife, Courtney, and I are homebodies, even more so now with our 5 month old son, Crew. Most of the time you’ll find us hanging around the house in the evenings and on the weekends, sitting around a fire pit in our courtyard, working on our in-over-our-heads foreclosed house that we are fixing up, or binge watching The Office or the newest murder show. When we do venture out of our cave, it’s usually to grab food at one of our favorite restaurants in South Tampa, catch a movie, or take the dogs to a secluded beach.

How do you give your time back in the community?

As a former member of the United States Air Force, I try to give back to the military community in the Tampa area. Speaking to and meeting with military members that are transitioning from active duty service to the private sector is a great opportunity to pass on lessons learned from my own experiences. I consider myself lucky to have started my civilian career with Raymond James Financial after separating from active duty, and if I can help even one brother or sister-in-arms have a successful path to their post-military career, time well spent.

Tell us about the tech project that you are most proud of.

Raymond James recently developed an award-winning mobile application, providing information and functionality financial advisors need to conduct business while on the go. Raymond James leadership and advisors consider this technology to be a differentiator in the industry, but without the connectivity and security features of the mobile application implemented by my team of security engineers and architects, this effort wouldn’t have been a success. By providing confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the mobile application, Information Security, considered an impediment to business at other organizations, acted as a critical, behind-the-scenes, business enabler.

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