Deborah Neff – Sourcetoad

Describe your relevant work history, awards, and accomplishments in 300 words or less.

It all started in July 2011 at Tampa Bay’s first Startup Weekend. I went on a Friday evening to check it out. I stayed the entire weekend and assisted with cleaning, feeding, and helping in any way I could.

Many of the people who organized and mentored at the event have become long-time friends and community strongholds. I was in the right place at the right time, and I knew it.

Through these connections, I was guided to Tampa Bay WaVE. The WaVE had won a federal grant and needed a Director of Operations to open a new venture center. I became the Dir of Ops and dove into the creation of culture and physical space to match.

In September 2016, I transitioned from Tampa Bay WaVE to Sourcetoad (a local technology consulting and software development firm) to assist them in their rapid growth and changing needs to maintain the culture and expand in physical space. Over the years, I have been an organizer for Startup Weekend and Startup Week, organized the first Startup Weekend Youth, was the managing director for the local chapter of girls in tech, actively involved in several mentorship programs, as well as advised many persons on their tech entrepreneurial adventures. We live and breathe tech, entrepreneurship, and service in my home. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What do you love about the Tampa Bay area?

The diversity. I love raising my children surrounded by different cultures, experiences, and opportunities.

What are some of your favorite things to do around town when you aren’t working?

The beach!

How do you give your time back in the community?

Currently, I am Secretary of the Working Women Foundation, which was created to build a supportive community of mentors and offer startup grants to women entrepreneurs. I am also a core ETL team member and have been working this last year to foster our mission of creating a supportive tech community for the next generation of tech leaders 🙂

Tell us about the tech project that you are most proud of.

That is like choosing a favorite child! I love them all equally!

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